Over the years, national news headlines have painted a picture of seemingly endless desperation for Flint, MI. Whether it be shocking murder rates, pervasive crime, or the deadly water crisis, the city has endured more hardship than most. For as much as these conditions foster hopelessness, they also inspire hunger. Babyfxce E raps like his life depends on it—because it does. His undeniable delivery balances unbreakable bars with unpredictable melodies, placing him in a lane of his own out of the Midwest and on his way towards a mainstream breakthrough at full speed. After stacking up millions of streams and views and notching critical acclaim from Pitchfork, The FADER, and many more, he adopts the mindset of his hometown to tell an underdog story all his own.

“If you’re from Flint, you’re just a strong-minded person, for real,” he says. “We’ve got a lot more to prove than everybody else does. The music scene can be tough, and you know the struggle in general. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.”

Though E primarily resided with his mother, sister, and two brothers on the North side of Flint, he maintained a close relationship with his dad. Pops frequently brought him on fishing and hunting trips, giving his son an appreciation for the outdoors. Beyond a passion for the woods, he embraced hip-hop as a kid. He not only listened to the likes of YoungBoy Never Broke Again and Lil Baby, but he also studied Detroit heavyweights a la Rio Da Yung OG, Sada Baby, and Tee Grizzley. At the urging of a close friend, he stepped into the recording booth for the first time and left his buddies impressed with the results in 2021.

Despite this budding talent, the streets provided a means to an end.

“Making money came first, and music was second,” he admits. “Once I got serious about this, I had enough money to invest in my own videos and studio. I got my own equipment, and I could make as many songs as I wanted to.”

At the top of 2022, he initially gained traction with “Six Flags.” It paved the way for projects such as Life Of The Reaper and Its Wit a X. The latter boasted the standout “D Rose,” which generated 1.1 million YouTube views and counting. Of the latter, The FADER raved, “The punchlines come flying at such a rapid pace you’ll feel like you ended up in a boxing gym.” He carried this momentum into 2023 with “Master P,” “Last Laugh,” a showstopping turn on BabyTron’s “Waffle House,” “Hypebeast,” and “12:45 in Detroit,” which Pitchfork noted “feels like a breakout track; you’ll have a new favorite punchline every time you listen.”

This prolific pace and a deal with Atlantic Records primed him for a major moment.

“I have a different style,” he exclaims. “I can do all types of flows, and I can collaborate with anyone. Some songs are more lyrical; other songs are more of a vibe.” That’s definitely the case with the wavy single “Today.” He alternates between deft lyricism and dynamic hooks, projecting his voice and vibe loud and clear. “It’s just what was on my mind in the moment,” he recalls.

In the end, Babyfxce E might just be Flint’s next champion ready for the crown.

“I want people to understand my lines and what I’m truly saying,” he leaves off. “I really care about my fans. All of the little things and being consistent got me to where I am. Now, I’m coming with a Flint sound.”